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                                Unleashing the toothpaste livery large!!!!!

      Network SouhtEast welcome to Shaftesbury 1986 - 1994 Sectorisation themed layout  DCC 7mm scale operation

Welcome to my 7mm layout thread Shaftesbury, which is loosely based on the West of England line but with the added bonus of a third rail, Shaftesbury is set in the sectorisation period from 1986 - 1994 under control of Chris Green (well me actually) Darren better known as NSE DAZ .

Shaftesbury is located in sunny Dorset home of the famous Gold Hill (Hovis bread commercials!!!) Shaftesbury never had a rail link (due to being located on top of a Saxon hill may have something to do with it) so this meaning Shaftesbury station is fictitious and a little of modelers license applies!!!

The station is a small terminus design and will have 2 main platforms and 1 bay platform that will be mainly used by the Red Star parcels team. 

The station building is based on Epsom Downs new station located in Surrey, well I say new but this was rebuilt by NSE in February 1989 when the old station was demolished to make way for a new housing development, this is not a large building but looks at home on Shaftesbury set in a semi rural setting. There is also a signal box that services the main lines in and out of Shaftesbury this is a replica of the one located at Gillingham situated in Dorset, the box sadly at Gillingham is now unmanned and its future uncertain but the memories of this box will always live on with this layout.

Shaftesbury will also house a small TMD called Longmead Depot with plenty of Yellow BR/NSE vehicles, a two road diesel only maintenance shed and a refueling point for those long cross country intercity services that rumble into Shaftesbury on a daily basis, this offers plenty of activity at the front of the layout to keep everyone occupied when the station area is quite.  

The first stage the planning of Shaftesbury 7mm started back in November 2011 with the demise of my 4mm layout also called Shaftesbury. After visiting a couple of exhibitions and seeing some stunning 7mm layouts and the potential 7mm had to offer I was hooked I just knew it was the way forward for me to regain my modeling mojo.

This layout when completed will be 24 foot long by 2 foot 8 inches wide, there are 6 x 4 foot  long by 2 foot 8 inch wide boards that make up a 24 foot scenic section, this also includes a hidden fiddle yard at the Western end of the layout behind the TMD.

Shaftesbury will be fully powered by Digital Command Control (DCC) with all loco's featuring sound and lighting with the added bonus of the diesel fleet having smoke units installed just to add to the realism.

Epsom Downs terminus station located in Surrey built in February 1989 

(Shaftesbury station building is based on this new design)

Shaftesbury station constructed just needs the NSE branding to complete.

(Based on Epsom Downs picture opposite)


The Signal box at 

Gillingham Dorset 2008

(Shaftesbury box is a 

replica based on this design)

The Shaftesbury signal box.

(Based loosely on Gillingham Dorset picture opposite)

I plan to have a verity of stock when completed, loco classes represented are 08, 50, 47, 33, 73, 205, 150, 159, 419, 442 EBP's and VEP's this fleet of coarse will take a lot of time and money to get up together but over the next 5 years that's my goal.

In May 2012 my first Loco in the form of 50 033 Glorious in revised NSE liveries joined me at Shaftesbury this was soon followed in June 2012 by a 2 car Thumper 205 025 also in NSE livery both these units have lights sound and smoke units installed, my latest addition to join me in September 2013 was a class 419 you guessed also in NSE livery this will serve as a red star parcels train for Shaftesbury. On order from Peter Clark is a 3 car Thumper this should be with me in February 2014 more on this soon.

Coaching stock is also on the agenda with MK2 coaches in NSE livery being constructed from the JLTRT range they will feature passengers on board. 

This site is in it's very early stages and will be updated when I have more news or relevant information to share so please bare with me whilst the site is being constructed.

I hope you enjoy and keep visiting for progress reports, now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey!!! thank you for traveling Network SouthEast

I would like to thank Peter Clark of Peter Clarks Models Jim McGeachy the creator of Invergeachy both the Pete's at PRMRP and finally BIG DUNC from Wooden Railway Workshop for you help and advice with this build.

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